Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Protein Intake: Requirement of Daily Protein for Healthy Life

The sound of a bottles clanging and banging into each other while walking into a gym has today become commonplace.  A Person wearing tight Jockeys and carrying a shaker with them, is indicative of the fact that they are the so-called 'fitness freaks' visiting the nearest Fitness centre. It has now been ingrained into our culture to have a drink of daily protein after an hour of workout, which ensures that the Balanced nutrients essential for a fit body is kept in check.

But the bigger questions arising here is that whether the Daily protein requirement is necessary in the Staple Indian Diet. Indians already have a vast array of diet supplements in their daily routine which ensures the requisite Nutrients required within the span of a day. To assess the same let us have a look at some of the advantages of Daily Protein Powder ItsPro which can be utilized in our daily Lives:

Advantages of Taking Daily Protein Powder:  

1. Proteins are a source of nutrition which can replace those small dosage of meals which we generally tend to hog on 3-4 times a day.

2.Intake of daily protein in the Liquid form can help the body to absorb and digest the protein in a matter of minutes and hence is an easy digestible substance.

3. It's a more convenient source for carrying around as compared to Luncheons and Meat Supplements.

Quite a lot of people are today asking another pertinent question is where is the time and and place where these Protein Powder can be utilized on a Daily Basis for an Average Joe. Can a person who does not go to Gym, not consume Protein Supplement and ItsPro Protein Powder.

Well the Answer is a definitive YES !!!

Itspro is a 100% vegetarian and herbal nutritional food supplement whichcan be used as daily protein powder. It is unique formulation in itself which provides vital nutrients like carbohydrate, protein, fat, dietary fiber, and key vitamin and minerals which helps to keep you healthy, energetic. Its unique blend of naturally blended nutrients and compounded with Isolate Soya which gives you the best of Nutrition and Taste. ItsPro is the best protein supplement for daily use and can help increase your stamina and vitality if taken frequently

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